So who is Ronaldo?

Before we start, I want to introduce myself. My name is Ronaldo Linares, I am a Cuban-Colombian, salsa dancing, MMA fighting, crossfit training, classically trained chef, living his dream here in the United States of America. I first got here when I was 9 years old from Colombia.

Put it this way, I was there during the Cartel wars and saw too many deaths before I was like 5 or 6 years old.. So not too many good memories there. But my family has always been able to keep those bad memories at bay. However, being with the family and all that goodness that comes with it, made all the good shine through.

Anyway, so who am I? I’m a person that loves life, a person that loves food. A person that loves to eat, so I guess that’s why I’m a chef. But I don’t really like to classify myself as a chef I guess. I’m just someone that loves to create food — amazing food, for people to eat. And lately I’ve been on a journey on the last couple of years, focusing on health and brining back flavors to our Latin food, allowing the food to shine. You know, I’ve been seeing Latin food being added with too much fat, too much crap basically.

When I tell a lot of people, “Yo, Latin food is healthy and delicious.” They say, “Healthy??? No it’s not. It can’t be healthy. You can’t make Latin without frying or using too much grease”, which is I think is BS, bogus. Not cool at all. So I’ve been trying to change the traditional thinking of Latin food and bringing the health twist to it for the last couple of years and through this blog, I want to accomplish the same. I will talk about my sofrito, my seasonings, my blends, my techniques, my ways of cooking amazing food. You could find my easy to follow recipes on my YouTube channel, check it out:

So with that being said, I want to thank Mr. George Torres, aka Urban Jibaro for this opportunity to be able to share my thoughts in this platform and to all of you out there, please read it, love it, like it, share it, comment on it so I can keep doing this. This is something new for me, a new platform so with an open heart and your open heart you receive me so that we continue this journey together. Love you all and a lot more to come. We’ll be talking about family, food, and fitness. If you would like to try my food live here is where you could find here Martino’s Cuban Restaurant, Thank you.

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