Monday: Hitting the reset button

Hola amigos y amigas! Happy Monday friends, so it begins again or is it a continuation of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday depending when your weekend ends and how you look at it.

Restaurant: Mi flow

For me my week never really ends being in the restaurant business or service industry. As TGIF Friday approaches it means buckle up and shuffle to the door because it is about to get crazy. All the preparation done during the week, the mental readiness for the non stop work that starts Friday and ends Sunday in hopes that you prepared for every scenario and that there are no mistakes. 

This are the realities of a chef/owner.

The countless things that could go wrong on a weekend are too many to list but as a leader you have to find a way to eliminate those mistakes.


So let’s get back to Monday, as many of you ladies and gents go back to your daily routine, I start my day with my brother Martino at restaurant depot. We shop, we load the truck, we drive to the restaurant, unload, and put everything in it’s place. This is when my brain goes through the mental list of the week. How did the staff work, what mistakes did they make, what mistakes did I make, what where the good things they did, how can we improve overall service,  how can we be more efficient, was it a good sales week etc. That is my Monday! 

So as the week unfolds I put this thoughts into action and act on them. This is one of the reasons Martino’s Cuban Restaurant keeps on evolving, 25 years strong. 

This are just my thoughts, hope you could find comfort in my writing and even give you inspiration. TOMA. 

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