Family First:Familia Primero

When it comes to latinos our families are usually our new never again me priority. Even with that said we tend to forget what family is all about during our daily grind. 

I mean we wake up very early, get our kids ready, a quick kiss for your loved one, and off to tackle the day. For most of us that is reality 7 days a week. 

In my case being a chef/owner, media influencer, and culinary influencer it becomes a little more difficult than that, or is it. My days are filled with emails, putting out fires, pitching my self to brands, meetings, and exercise among a few things. Notice how my family is on that list. That’s because they (my family) are a priority not a to do. By adapting this logic I have been able to create a strong relationship with my wife and son. 

What are the things I do? 

  1. Stay engaged with my family, share my highs, and share my lows.
  2. Make sure everyday you tell them you love them, but also make sure you show it.
  3. Habits are key, creating daily rituals to do with your kids and wife. 
  4. Make sure you take time for your self, be selfish. If you are not happy than guess what, no one is happy. 
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Anyway guys just needed to take this off my chest. Have a great day! 

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