Baked “Egg” Avocado|Tomato Citrus Salad

Serves: 2-4
Total Time: 35 minutes


1 Lg. Hass Avocado (Cut in Half, pit removed)
4 oz. Pancetta (See method below)
1 Roma tomato (Thinly Sliced)
¼ Medium Red Onion (Thinly Sliced)
2 eggs (At room temperature)
1 Tbsp. Cilantro (Minced)
Kosher Salt (To Taste)
Cracked Black Pepper (To Taste)
1 tbsp. Olive Oil
1 tbsp. Lemon Juice



Pre-heat oven to 400°F.

Pre-heat sauté pan, Add pancetta and cook on high for 2 minutes. Turn the heat to medium and cook until crisp. Tilt the pan to let the rendered fat run away from the pancetta and remove with spoon. Reserve rendered fat for another day. Set pancetta aside.

Crack the eggs into 2 separate bowls without breaking the yolk. Set aside.
Pour 2 small mounds of kosher salt onto a tray for baking. Place the two halves of avocado round side down. Add 1 egg to each of the avocados, this part has to be done with love. A trick is to take a tablespoon and scoop out the yolk, place it in the hole than add egg whites. Note: Not all the egg whites are going to fit in the whole. On to the easy part, place in the oven at 400°F for 25 minutes.
In a bowl add lemon juice, olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Whisk ingredients together to create the dressing.

In a separate bowl add tomatoes, onion, cilantro, 1 tbsp. of the dressing, and toss together. Place in fridge to let the flavor develop, kind of like a quick pickle.
Serve salad with the avocado and sprinkle pancetta over it.


Sopa de Calabaza (Pumpkin and butternut squash soup)

Serves: 4-6 people
Total Time: 40 min


2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion (diced)
1 roasted poblano pepper (diced)
1 lb peeled pumpkin (diced)
1 lb peeled butternut squash (diced)
8 cups of chicken stock
1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 dash of cumin (3 spice perfecta)
6 Small Carnival Pumpkins

Nutmeg cream topping

Dash of nutmeg
½ cup heavy cream
Dash of salt
2 tsp of sugar


In a heavy sauce pan, sauté olive oil and diced onions until translucent. Remember to lightly season with the 3 spice perfecta.

Add poblano peppers, pumpkin, and butternut squash. At this point, lightly season and mix ingredients together to let them “meet and greet” and to develop the “sabor” (flavor).
Once both the pumpkin and butternut squash are fork tender, place them (in batches) in food processor.
Add some stock to help puree smoother.
Once you a have a good smooth pure, pour in pan along with the remaining stock and turn oven to a low-med heat. Simmer for 10-15 min.

Carnival Pumpkin Bowls: (Pre-heat oven 350*)

Slice of the tip of the pumpkin, revealing the center and scoop out all seeds. This is where you take your paring knife and carve out some of the flesh to from a bowl. Careful not to go to deep, we don’t want to puncture the bottom or side of the bowl. Sprinkle the inside with cinnamon and sugar.
Place Carnival Pumpkin’s on two cookie sheet trays and roast in the oven for 30 minutes or until flesh is tender. Remove from oven and set aside.

Nutmeg cream topping

In a mixing bowl, pour in cream, salt, sugar, and nutmeg. Whip until the cream becomes semi-stiff.

To serve, use a ladle and pour soup in pumpkin bowls. Put about 1 tbsp. of nutmeg cream topping on top and serve. The end result should be a trip of goose bumps all over your body.

Pejesapo “Monkfish” Ceviche

Serves: 2
Total Time: 55 minutes


1 Filet of Monkfish (Cleaned, Sliced at a bias)
2 tbsp. Fresh Shredded Coconut
3 Limes (Juiced)
1 tbsp. Lime Zest
1 Jalapeño (fire roasted, diced)
1 tbsp. Red Pepper (Diced)
1 tbsp. Fresh Ginger (Zested)
1 cup. Fresh Cilantro (Minced)
1 tsp. Soy Sauce
1 tsp. Fennel Seed
½ Cup. Coconut Milk
½ Medium Spanish Onion (Diced)
1 tsp. Curry Powder
Sea Salt (to taste)
Cracked Black Pepper (to taste)


Method in a bowl add monkfish, shredded coconut, coconut milk, lime juice, lime zest, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce, jalapeño, salt to taste, pepper to taste, fennel, coconut milk, onion, and curry. Mix well, tightly seal the bowl, and refrigerate for 40 minutes before eating. Before plating mix once more.