Brisas Colombianas Bakery

It’s 9:30am on a sunny Monday morning and I’m sitting at my favorite Colombia Restaruant, Brisas Colombians Bakery. The restaurant was introduced to me by my best friend Gabriel Gonzalez a while back and have made sure I go once a month.

Did I mention that my little busy boy is in his highchair next to me, and is looking at everything at the wall, the hustling of the staff, and all the side conversations. He even knows how special this place is and he is only 10 months old. Liam starts to point at all the frames that hang from the wall as if he was trying to say “Daddy look at all the beautiful pictures of Colombia”. The pictures show off the beautiful landscapes of a country I once called home at an early age before I came to America.

Anyway let’s get you a clear picture of the place. It has a narrow entrance when you walk inside, but as soon as you walk in, the great smell jabs in you in the face. TOMA!!! To your right you see in the glass hot box: empanadas, chicharron, papas rellenas, to name a few of the treats. These are mostly for the hungry eaters that are in the rush to work.

We are quickly greeted with a “Que pasa papi” which is a very Colombian way. The owner quickly comes out to greet Liam and me. They already have a table for us in the back of the restaurant, which is the perfect seat to catch all the action.

Here you don’t miss a salsa beat; the fresh pastries from the bakery come out, the fresh food, and all the Colombianess that happens. FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Why am I so excited, well this is the closest I get to being in Colombia.

The owner’s wife comes to our table to say hello and take our order. Before I get to my order I want to share something; before the order was placed, I was greeted by 4 different people and something that is vital to any restaurant, specially this one. Anyway here was my order: Huevos Pericos (a soft scramble with tomatoes and scallions), grilled chicken breast, corn patty with melted cheese (Arepas), a hot chocolate made from scratch, and café. Yup all of that, one must go all out when you come eat breakfast to fully experience it.

The food arrives shortly after, hot, with lots of sazón, and most importantly love. Let’s not forget the little guy, he ate the flank steak and butternut squash stew I made for him at home. The food was amazing, service was perfect, and atmosphere…well it brought me back to Colombia. Thank you for letting me share this happy place with you. TOMA!!!!

Liam at 10,000 feet

So here I am into our third hour of our flight and going into our last 45 minutes as the Captain announces that we will begin our descend into Newark airport.  As he finishes with his announcement, that annoying tone goes off and so does Liam my 9-month-old son.  Drama begins people; so being the second time Liam flies and figuring that the first time was smooth, this one would be too. Boy was I wrong, the weather sucked and here he goes.  The crying begins, I begin to go through protocol. I take out the rattle toy “nada”, then the squeaky one “nada”, and the full proof toy the straw “nada”.


OH!!!! Did I mention we were in first class, so Liam is a good 5 minutes into his crying and beads of sweat have formed on my forehead.  Let me tell you, if looks could kill, especially from the lady in seat 6B.  I’m fighting not to tell all the overly serious United Elite members the following, “I know my son is crying, I know it is not the most pleasant sound in the world.  That I’m sweating as I try to figure out what is wrong with him.” 


So after my mind freak out, I get up, walk to the front of the plane and grab a glass of wine to chill out.  Liam is still crying at this point, so I ask myself what can I do to make his ears pop.



HAHA I know!!! Here is what I did, covering his nose and mouth with my mouth I blew real quick into them and TOMA problem solved.  After that Liam was the saint that he is.  As I returned to the cabin I wanted to tell the United Elite Members “Liam is quiet now and you may return to being boring”.  


The rest of the flight was great, but the moment I got home this Cuban made him self a nice mojito. Check out the video and recipe here on my youtube channel.  TOMA!!!