Toma bites!

BMW: Excite all your senses with Chef Ronaldo Linares

It's Saturday November 4th and I find myself driving the Ultimate Driving Machine. Sitting behind the wheel of the all new M-4 with its 400 plus horsepower was a moment I will never forget. Taking those corners at full throttle on the fast lap, left my blood pumping and got me ready for what's to follow. What was to follow exactly! Here's the backstory, a few weeks back I got contacted by BMW to be the Celebrity Chef for the Ultimate Culinary Experience and with no hesitation I said YES.  Excite all your senses After driving, people indulged in a culinary experience from yours truly and our restaurant Martino's Cuban Restaurant. Crowd was entertained by a curated 3 course tasting menu which included a cooking demo for each course. The event was not to be missed! Click the video link below:  ​[video src="" poster=""][/video]​ The event started with an amazing introduction by Kevin Williams, the VP of multi-cultural affairs for BMW. He is the person who hired me, by the way he's a well dressed individual. After the introduction, I shared a few words about my path to the BMW stage and all the tasty ups and downs that life has dished out. The first course was a Tahitian Cubano...

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Ir En Vivo: Go Live, New York city 2017

 [contact-form][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form] How I spend this past Saturday: Ir En Vivo Hola mi gente! How is everyone doing today? So October is coming to a halt, we are finally feeling the cold fall weather here in New Jersey. Anyways let's get to the good stuff, this past weekend was filled with purposeful work. Saturday I attended the #IrEnVivo summit as a speaker along side George "Urban Jibaro" Torres, George has 2o years of social media experience under his belt and truly one of the best at it. So you know I was super pumped to share the stage with him, and we truly crushed it. Our topic, 'The Importance Of Social Media Resources To Help Victims Of Natural Disasters"  As Tigerwon (the host of the summit) introduced us I felt joy, the moment was here for us to create social change in front of an audience full of influencers that where ready to make a call to action. We introduced each other and gave a quick background story on each other and how we are using our platforms to create social change during this difficult time in Puerto Rico. As George gave the stage...

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Monday: Hitting the reset button

Hola amigos y amigas! Happy Monday friends, so it begins again or is it a continuation of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday depending when your weekend ends and how you look at it. Restaurant: Mi flow For me my week never really ends being in the restaurant business or service industry. As TGIF Friday approaches it means buckle up and shuffle to the door because it is about to get crazy. All the preparation done during the week, the mental readiness for the non stop work that starts Friday and ends Sunday in hopes that you prepared for every scenario and that there are no mistakes.  This are the realities of a chef/owner. The countless things that could go wrong on a weekend are too many to list but as a leader you have to find a way to eliminate those mistakes. MY MONDAY: So let's get back to Monday, as many of you ladies and gents go back to your daily routine, I start my day with my brother Martino at restaurant depot. We shop, we load the truck, we drive to the restaurant, unload, and put everything in it's place. This is when my brain goes through the mental list of the week. How did...

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Family First:Familia Primero

When it comes to latinos our families are usually our new never again me priority. Even with that said we tend to forget what family is all about during our daily grind.  I mean we wake up very early, get our kids ready, a quick kiss for your loved one, and off to tackle the day. For most of us that is reality 7 days a week.  In my case being a chef/owner, media influencer, and culinary influencer it becomes a little more difficult than that, or is it. My days are filled with emails, putting out fires, pitching my self to brands, meetings, and exercise among a few things. Notice how my family is on that list. That's because they (my family) are a priority not a to do. By adapting this logic I have been able to create a strong relationship with my wife and son.  What are the things I do?  Stay engaged with my family, share my highs, and share my lows. Make sure everyday you tell them you love them, but also make sure you show it. Habits are key, creating daily rituals to do with your kids and wife.  Make sure you take time for your self, be selfish. If you...

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Brisas Colombianas Bakery

It’s 9:30am on a sunny Monday morning and I'm sitting at my favorite Colombia Restaruant, Brisas Colombians Bakery. The restaurant was introduced to me by my best friend Gabriel Gonzalez a while back and have made sure I go once a month. Did I mention that my little busy boy is in his highchair next to me, and is looking at everything at the wall, the hustling of the staff, and all the side conversations. He even knows how special this place is and he is only 10 months old. Liam starts to point at all the frames that hang from the wall as if he was trying to say “Daddy look at all the beautiful pictures of Colombia”. The pictures show off the beautiful landscapes of a country I once called home at an early age before I came to America. Anyway let’s get you a clear picture of the place. It has a narrow entrance when you walk inside, but as soon as you walk in, the great smell jabs in you in the face. TOMA!!! To your right you see in the glass hot box: empanadas, chicharron, papas rellenas, to name...

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Liam at 10,000 feet

So here I am into our third hour of our flight and going into our last 45 minutes as the Captain announces that we will begin our descend into Newark airport.  As he finishes with his announcement, that annoying tone goes off and so does Liam my 9-month-old son.  Drama begins people; so being the second time Liam flies and figuring that the first time was smooth, this one would be too. Boy was I wrong, the weather sucked and here he goes.  The crying begins, I begin to go through protocol. I take out the rattle toy “nada”, then the squeaky one “nada”, and the full proof toy the straw “nada”.   OH!!!! Did I mention we were in first class, so Liam is a good 5 minutes into his crying and beads of sweat have formed on my forehead.  Let me tell you, if looks could kill, especially from the lady in seat 6B.  I'm fighting not to tell all the overly serious United Elite members the following, “I know my son is crying, I know it is not the most pleasant sound in the world.  That I’m sweating as I try to figure out what is wrong with him.”    So after my mind freak out, I get up, walk to the front...

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